Rilasciato nuovo firmware 5.5.8

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Rilasciato nuovo firmware 5.5.8

Messaggiodi admin » 27 gennaio 2014, 19:53

Rilasciato nuovo firmware 5.5.8

Version 5.5.8-Service Release (January 23, 2014)

Regulatory updates:
- New: Regulatory changes for Greece
- New: Regulatory changes for Thailand
- New: Add Croatia under EU regulatory rules
- New: Split Serbia and Montenegro
- New: Remove Compliance Test mode
- New: Lock selected country for all EU countries/Switzerland. Reset to factory defaults is required to order to change country
- New: Available frequency list is updated for UK when operating in 30MHz channel width

- New: Remote Provisioning Functionality for AirGateway

- airMax: Rate drops when using narrow channel widths on AP with more than 30 clients
- Ethernet: Ethernet negotiation issues after ESD damage
- NanoBridge M5: Cold temperature issues


- Fix: DFS frequencies are not functional for Canada (Rocket M5 Titanium)
- Fix: Possible fix for unexpected AP reboots
- Fix: Auto IP Address generation for MAC addresses ending with FF:FF and 00:00
- Fix: SSL server accepts weak ciphers
- Fix: SSH server (dropbear) update to version v2013.58
- Fix: Disabling DHCP server leaves dnsmasq running

- WEB UI: Automatic FW download from web site
- WEB UI: Validate location coordinates
- WEB UI: Copyright updates
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