mfi controller 2.1.1

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mfi controller 2.1.1

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Nuova versione:
new Energy Tab
enable/disable a specified rule as a rule action
run a scene as a rule action
support for Mac and Windows upgrading in place (stop controller, install new version, start controller) where the database is kept. Note: even though this feature has been tested, cautious users might want to make a backup copy of their mFi /db/ directory if the space is available.
Standalone mPower, mFi Dimmer/Switch and In-Wall Outlet functions (controller not needed):
time of day scheduling
sunrise/sunset scheduling (note: need to set the timezone and location since it’s based on calculations of the curvature of the Earth)
port mirroring (turn on/off ports based on power draw on another port on the same device)
voltage and current thresholds
vacation mode (randomly turns outlets and lights on/off)
devices now store energy usage data, and display it in the web UI for the current and previous month
Bonjour support (can scan for devices using Safari browser)
If controller isn’t configured, device doesn’t flash blue LED
LED control (and brightness for dimmer)
Allow username/password to be changed from embedded web interface
Note: the embedded scheduling functions are separate from the controller scheduling. If running with a controller, a user can set up both controller schedules and embedded schedules. The schedules are independent, and changing one will not affect the other (for instance, setting a time of day schedule in the controller will not modify the embedded scheduling configuration and vice versa).
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