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Why is 32bit OS not recommended?
32bit OS is not recommended because of mongo's limitation. The database size on a 32bit OS is limited to around 2GB. Enable journaling (for robustness) will further reduce database capacity. The sensor data do fill up quickly if you have lots of sensors.

Is mFi going to support 32bit OS going forward?
No. We will not support running on 32bit OS going forward. But we will not prohibit the SW from running on a 32bit OS either. Bugs on 32bit OS only will not get the priority.

Should I migrate my database to a 64bit OS system now?

How to copy the database from one system to another
It is recommended to use the in-app upgrade process. However, if that is not possible, such as if the server won't start, you can copy the database over manually. This is unsupported and not extensively tested, so use with caution.

The database is located at:

Unix: /var/lib/mfi/db/
Windows: <mFi install location>/data/db/

To make a copy of the existing database:

make sure mFi is stopped
copy the entire /db/ directory to a new location

To install the database on a new system:

make sure mFi is stopped on the new system
if the new mFi system is a fresh install, set is_default=false in <mFi base>/data/
copy the database directory the new system
start the new system

It is recommended to keep a copy of the old database until it is up and running on the new system. A common error is to just move the old database to the new location, and forget to set is_default=false, and have the new system overwrite the old database when it starts.
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